King’s Reach: Chapter One

"Death is the end of all things, even those who say the gods live on are mistaken, for does it not say in the good book that the gods were struck down in a mighty rage, and that for all their power they could not fight against their own greed?" -overheard on the road to … Continue reading King’s Reach: Chapter One



Forly Wellcroft was a short man, bald, and he couldn't grow facial hair, though he tried with many patchy results. His main accomplishments in life were being able to cast a fishing rod from the high cliffs outside his hometown, marrying his childhood sweetheart, and becoming a father to a young boy, who was keen … Continue reading Lornclaw


"And what is nature but the governor and the governed," exclaimed the famous scholar Drollis Coldbringer. His crowd nodded their acknowledgement and applauded the conclusion to the lecture on 'man's place in the world'. The modest scholar bowed in his simple robes, grey and rough to the touch. Around his neck he wore a chain … Continue reading Dinaf

The Northern Kingdom of Glendan

King Welshen Winterson lingered long in thought as he lay upon his bed motionless, staring up a the warm cloth canopy. The young man, was handsome, and the weight of his office had not worn through him; having only risen to the throne four winters previous, when his father had fallen in battle with the barbarians from Fenland. He lay in thought, pondering silently, the existence of the afterlife while the room around him bustled. Servants exited leaving just two people with the King.